Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shoe drycleaning

I am sure that all of us must have dirtied our shoes in the not so massive rains....
There must loads of dirt & mud all over the surface of the shoes and other stains as well.
Same was the case with me & i came to know about this fantastic idea of "shoe dry cleaning".
We all have heard of cloth dry cleaning, this is similar process applied to our shoes.
And with the ever increasing cost of shoes, mainting them is also equally important.
I will show you a few images of my dirty, stained shoes and also the ones after dry cleaning.
Dirty & stained images ( i had even dropped tea on my shoe...LOL):

Images after dry cleaning:

It costs around Rs.70 for normal sport shoes and around Rs.90 for leather shoes.
So get you shoes nicely dry-cleaned !!
The contact details of the shoe dry cleaning shop:
Classic dry cleaners,
Near Bedekar misal, shagun chowk,
Laxmi rd, Pune.
Phone: 020-65008872

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  1. Thanks for the useful information sire will do and let you know the results..maje shoes khup divasapasun tasech padlet vele abhavi :-)