Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get 200 passport size photographs for just 27 Rs.

Have you recently printed any passport sized photographs??
I did and was shocked to find that one passport sized photograph costs around 4-6 Rs per print at Fotofast outlets. Whats further frustrating is that one post card sized photograph also costs the same. So i decided to figure out a way to create cheap but good quality passport sized photos.
And here is the solution:
Pre-requisites: Soft copy of your passport sized photograph.
Even if its not available you can use a normal image, and convert it to a passport sized pic.
Let me tell you how to go about it....
In the first place we need to convert the passport sized pic into a sheet of photos which can be printed on a post card sized output.(around 8 pics on one printable photo).
The following website helps us in creating just the same:
Step 1: Start the photo booth. The following screen appears.

Step 2: Select the photo & click Submit

Step 3: On the next screen you can crop the photo to get the rite position and fit.

Step 4: Continue on this screen after choosing from one of the 4 formats:
a. 7:9
b. 3:4
c. 6:9
d. 1:1
Step 5: On this screen and you can select the number of pictures on one printable sheet.
8 pics on one sheet would be the most effective one.
Continue on this screen and you are on the download screen. Click on the image and download it.

Step 6: Next you need to register on a photo management site known as using the below link:


You need to upload the passport photo sheet that we created just now and get it printed.

This website offers first 25 prints for free.

The passport sheet that we created contains 8 pics, so 25 photos = 25 X 8 = 1000 passport size photos.

You need to pay for the shipping charges and tax for the photos.

The shipping charges are Rs. 25 and the tax on this is 2.5 RS.

The total comes down to just rs 27/-.

If you get 200 images printed from Fotofast or any other retail outlet, at an average price of 5Rs per photo, you will land up paying RS 1000 (200 X RS 5).

Using this approach you need to pay just RS. 27.

Thats a whooping 973 Rs saving.

Enjoyy !!

Do let me know if you face any issues in the above procedure and i would be more than happy to assist you.


  1. thanks for valuable information...even if you go to any local photo outlet one 4X6" print will cost you rs. 10 or less

  2. Thanks Very much useful information.