Friday, September 18, 2009

New job openings @ Amdocs, Pune

New job openings @ Amdocs, Pune

Please check the attached XLS to find the job openings here

The column JOB TITLE contains some abbreviations whose details are:

SME- Subject matter expert (experience below 3 yrs)
SSME- Senior SME (experience 2-6 yrs)
GL- Group Lead (experience 6-12 yrs)

Interested candidates should send me their resumes along with below & job code in the mail:
Job Code
Current Location
Current employer
Relevant exp
Overall Exp

Candidate who satisfy the criteria specified in JOB DESCRIPTION and PRIMARY SKILLS tabs should only apply.
Candidates should meet the experience criteria.
Specify the job code for which you are applying.
Failure to do so can result in rejection of the application.
Apply for the job for which you best fit in.
Though you can apply for 2 jobs simultaneously but should satisfy all the criteria.
Tandem is a domain in Mainframe.

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